Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Past insights

  • Insights 15: The Role and Application of Enterprise Architecture, November 27th 2016, as a track at the Dutch National Architecture Conference.
  • Insights 14: The Role and Application of Enterprise Architecture, November 26th 2015, as a track at the Dutch National Architecture Conference.
  • Insights 13: Enterprise Architecture & Engineering, May 21st 2015, as a seminar at the Mastering Business Transformation Conference.
  • Insights 12: New Insights in Enterprise Architecture, November 26th 2014, as a track at the Dutch National Architecture Conference.
  • Insights 11: Strategic Agility through Service Innovation, May 26th 2014, LU
  • Insights 10: Meet the Architects #2, May 22nd, 2014, NL
  • Insights 09: Business and IT: Alignment now and in the future, November 2013, LU
  • Insights 08: Interoperability challenges and needs: When Research meets Industry, June 2013, LU
  • Insights 07: Enterprise Engineering at Work, together with the Enterprise Engineering Working Conference, May 2013, LU
  • Insights 06: Architecture Principles; the Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture, together with the Netherlands Architecture Forum and ArchiXL, April 2013, NL
  • Insights 05: Collaborative Enterprise Modelling, November 2012, NL
  • Insights 04: Business-IT Alignment, May 2012, LU
  • Insights 03: Designing the Enterprise: Emergence or Engineering?, March 2012, NL
  • Insights 02: Meet the Architects #1, March 2012, NL
  • Insights 01: Insights in Service Innovation, September 2011, LU


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